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Anigenshin with Friends's Icon

Anigenshin with Friends
Quickly growing community built around Genshin Impact, Anime, Ga…

Neko Heaven's Icon

Neko Heaven
Catgirls. Love them? So do we! Aren't thy adorable? We hospitali…

Aki | アキ's Icon

Aki | アキ
Join Niseko a brand new fresh server!

Chill Resort🏝's Icon

Chill Resort🏝
Welcome to Chill Resort!! ➥ This is a community server that's fo…

Info sec LB [CTF Squad]'s Icon

Info sec LB [CTF Squad]
Welcome to Logic Bomb! We are an active, helpful, and friendly s…

WallStreetBets's Icon

💵 WallStreetBets 💵 WallStreetBets (or WSB), is a place where…

Matthew's Playground's Icon

Matthew's Playground
A epic community server full of fun.

Tokyo ghoul rol libre's Icon

Tokyo ghoul rol libre
Roleplay : este roleplay está basado en el anime de Tokyo ghoul …

Eevee's Rescue Team's Icon

Eevee's Rescue Team
Eevee's Rescue Team is a server dedicated to rescuing in the Pok…

Aosen Cheer's Club™'s Icon

Aosen Cheer's Club™
My Server is about my YouTube Channel and you can chat and watch…

Ami's Lounge ♪'s Icon

Ami's Lounge ♪
🎇 Off-Topic Channel 🎁 Giveaways Channel ✨ Rank-Up Channel 🎱 G…

JavaScripters's Icon

JavaScripters/ECMAScripters is a place where programmers who use…

Clowns together funny (emote List)'s Icon

Clowns together funny (emote List)
The best multi-purpose emote server 👌 Check details for our fea…

Seagull (Bot Heaven)'s Icon

Seagull (Bot Heaven)
There's a LOT of bots here.