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Team of UEFN Game developers trying to push the limits of what’s possible.

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Media & Entertainment

We Are Vortex Creative.

Where Can You Find Us? HERE! https://www.vortexfnc.com

A talented and diverse group of builders who focus on bringing YOUR brand to life! We have a wide variety of skills ranging from builders, to game designers, to artistic specialists, and MORE! And over the past 4 years we’ve been frequently trying to give the best experience to our community and our clients. We have a massive knowledge of the creation process and are happy to bring your brand to Fortnite and to provide the best content possible to our playerbase and our client.

Why Choose Us?

⍟ We can adjust to your schedule. ⍟ We have dedicated creators who love sharing tips.

Skills We Are Looking For: ⍟ Terrain ⍟ Aesthetic ⍟ Modeling ⍟ Editors ⍟ Moderators ⍟ Programmers

Helpful Things To Have ⍟ Open Schedule ⍟ Urge to learn ⍟ Motivation ⍟ Clean History ⍟ 1y+ worth of Experience with FN Creative and/or UE5 ⍟ +16y

Team Age Restrictions! All team members are required to be ages 16 and up. Members 18+ will have more options as positions in the team

Who Are We? For more information on who we are and why you should join us check out our website at https://www.vortexfnc.com/

All Available Positions some positions are not available or you have to get promoted to get it, like Head Management/Management

Build Team (Open)

GFX / VFX (Closed)

Web Dev/Programmer (Closed)

Team Recruiter (Closed)

Social Media Manager (Closed)

Moderator (Closed)

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