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Airbus Bot Support

What is this server?

  • This server is a server where you can get support and help for the Airbus Bot.
  • You can also join this server to learn about the Airbus Bot and how it functions.
  • We welcome everyone to join this wonderful community!

Hear from our members

  • "This server gave me inspiration to develop my own bot. The owner is very kind and helpful as he helped me develop my bot from day one. I thank the owner and I recommend this server. The community is kind and helpful. Thank you!" ~ Anonymous
  • "Wonderful, caring community. Great work!" ~ Windows 1.0#0614
  • "Moderators and Admins are so kind here! I love the system of security and organization!" ~ Boeing 777-9X#4722
  • "Airbus Bot Support provides you with one of the best bots on Discord for free(Airbus) and a lot of others like Hydrogen and Portola. You can get support on Airbus, Hydrogen, Portola because the creator of them is in this server. Anyway, I have a good experience here and I suggest joining this server." ~ Airbus 380#6715

We hope you join the server!