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Comfy, Cute, Wholesome and Relaxed Community ❤ Many Projects by the Server's Team || Socially Welcoming Everyone to Hangout || Fun Game BOTs: Shoob, Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and more to come on request!

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About us:
Hako | 箱 is an Anime and Gaming based community here for you to enjoy chatting about a lot of different subjects and generally have fun with others, you do not especially require to love those two themes to be welcomed here! It was founded by Boxu, a person with dear love and care for boxes.
While we do love them, this is far from being the actual goal of our community! Come and discover different cultures, get to know people, and support us in our various projects. Our goals are growing and our ideas keep coming! Let's make a comfy place together, and enjoy our passions to the fullest.

What do we have:
[✽] - Caring & Welcoming Members
[✽] - Comfy & Cute Wholesomeness
[✽] - Friendly Staff
[✽] - Actually-Growing Gradient Leveled Roles
[✽] - Community Website Under Progress
[✽] - Anime MMORPG Discord BOT Project
[✽] - Futuristic In-Space FPS Videogame Project
[✽] - Aesthetic & Anime Merch Store Project
[✽] - Fun BOTs to use: Shoob, Tatsumaki, Mantaro, ...
[✽] - Events & Giveaways