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Quick Tickets

A Discord bot for a free premium experience with reaction tickets!

Prefix qt!
Library discord.js
Servers 69
Shards 1
Owner ArDev#8126

Quick Tickets Information

To get started use qt!help!

Quick Tickets. A free premium experience for reaction tickets for your community servers, or for servers with your friends! Upon inviting Quick Tickets, I recommend joining the new Quick Tickets Support Server! Suggestions, or issues for safe tickets are accepted. We are always looking to take new features in! Joining the support server will let you know any downtime’s to update the bot or fix errors, also a change log for every update! If you have any questions before inviting Quick Tickets or how to set it up, tell us in the support server!


MANAGE_MESSAGES: Deleting messages sent by users to activate commands to keep channels clean from command message spam by the user!

MANAGE_ROLES: Used to make Ticket channels private to only access roles and the users that create a ticket!

MANAGE_CHANNELS: Used to create the actual ticket channel!