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65+ Filters | 200+ Radios | 24/7 in VC

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Omniverse Music

The only bot the world is looking for!

**Have you ever heard a music bot with 65+ Filters, 100+ FM Radio Stations,200+ Radio Stations?

Meet Omniverse, A Discord Music Bot developed by Omniverse Development

Im a music bot that came up with awesome abilities! Here are some of them:

  • 24/7 Mode
  • 65+ Filters
  • Safe Search
  • 100 FM Radios
  • 200 Radio Stations
  • Lower Command Cooldowns
  • No Voting Requirement!

Filters supported by Omniverse:

Chorus Filters: chorus, chorus2d, chorus3d

Equalizers: crystallizer, equalizer, fine, firelizer, nequalizer, normalizer, superequalizer

Echo Filters: concert, delay, dice, echo, indoor, looper, metal, multiply, robotic, rock, stage, vibrato

Dynamic Filters: 3D, bassboost, contrast, demon, nightcore, pulsator, reverse, subboost, surrounding, vaporwave woofer.

Other Filters: anti-noisy, cleaner, compressor, contrast, crusher, cue, derivative, earwax, explosion, flanger, gate, haas, indoor, integral, karaoke, limiter, live, mcompand, mstlr, mono, multiply, pass, phaser, pitch, pole, sign, softlimiter, speed, treble, tremolo, wide

||Some filters might not be listed cuz I missed them||

Exclusive Commands

General Commands:

  • Clear-queue - Clear the song queue.
  • Disconnect - Disconnect the bot from VC.

This command does not responds if the command was executed properly and bot joined the channel.

  • Join - Make the bot join Voice or Stage Channel.

Bot will become speaker in stage channel if it have permissions. This command does not responds if the command was executed properly and bot joined the channel.

  • Nowplaying - See info about currently playing song.

  • Pause - Pause the current song.

  • Play - Play song. Supported sources to play songs are -

    • Spotify
    • Soundcloud
    • Attachments
    • Radios
  • Queue - See the list of upcoming songs.

  • Remove - Remove selected song from queue.

  • Resume - Resume the song.

  • Shuffle - Shuffle the current song queue.

  • Skip - Skip the current song.

  • Stop - Stop playing the music.

Bot does not leave the channel after stopping playing.


  • back - Play the previous song/last skipped song in the queue.
  • fm - Play one of the 72 FMs directly in your voice channel!
  • forward - Forward the song by 10 seconds.
  • radio - Play one of the 200 Live Radios directly in the Voice or Stage Channel!

FIlters are now supported with Radio and FMs.

  • replay - Play the current song from start!
  • rewind - Rewind the song by `10 Seconds.
  • save - Save the song that is being played currently.
  • seek - Seek the song to desired position.
  • skipto - Skip/jump to specific song in the queue.
  • volume - Set the volume of current song from 1-200%

In seek, reverse, forward command, If the amount of seconds to seek is too high, then the song might freeze or you will have to wait for long time. However, we dont push dumb limits to amount of seconds to seek :D Thanks to Tomato#6966 for the radio command! :o