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Rio's Bot

Rio's Bot

Prefix r.
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy r.policy
Owner Rio#2256

A multi functional bot with a lot of commands for moderation and also a commands for music.

For the privacy: This bot does not gather any data except your user tag, user ID and channel ID for our Moderation commands. That's all,

For questions or concerns contact me at Discord Rio#2256

My prefix is: r. Help for help commands and for help music

Help pannel for Commands Owner servers, all_servers_bot_in Administrators or Moderators server_status, send_message, channels_list, channels_count, clear, role, giverole, warn, warn_count, ban, kick, mute, unmute For Everyone owner_check, ping, server_name, invite_link, server_members, who_are_you, when_account_created, user_info, avatar_link, embed, time

Help pannel for Music Music clear_queue, loop, nowplaying, pause, play, queue, resume, search, shuffle, skip, stop, volume Shortcuts cq, lp, np, ps, p, q, rs, sr, sh, sk, st, v For More Help Type for example : r.mhelp play or play or r.mhelp p or p

Policy r.policy