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Random Bots

ScrimBot's Avatar

Easily organize VALORANT custom matches!

Attitude's Avatar

The most easy-to-use Discord bot! This bot is made to keep a goo…

Tickets's Avatar

An easy to use and highly configurable modmail Discord Ticket bo…

♫ STELLAR [$]'s Avatar

A Multi Purpose Music bot Made With Super Power Full Host ! Main…

Vixirus's Avatar

Vixirus, the new Music bot made for the only purpose, to enterta…

BitPizza's Avatar

BitPizza is a multipurpose bot, making your life a lot simpler a…

Random Servers

La Aldea Del Eclipse's Icon

La Aldea Del Eclipse
server de comunidad sencillo

₊˚.ପ🎃↷ Cherii , SPOOKY┊🎱₊˚ഒ's Icon

₊˚.ପ🎃↷ Cherii , SPOOKY┊🎱₊˚ഒ
Cherii is a non toxic, small, 100% sfw server with a cute red, y…

D2Sanctuary's Icon

A primarily Destiny 2 LFG community made for those without mics,…

Hearthstone Community's Icon

Hearthstone Community
Create new friendships, Get the latest updates, Seek advice from…

GiveBeats Hub's Icon

GiveBeats Hub
Want to learn about astrology? Well this is the server for you!

Random Templates

Server aesthetic's Icon

Server aesthetic
es un servidor para tus amigos

A Simple Community Template's Icon

A Simple Community Template
This template contains colors, regions, sweepstakes, commands, e…

Rainbow template's Icon

Rainbow template
sorted by color! sorry if i get the colors wrong tho. atleast i …

Aesthetic/colorful server template's Icon

Aesthetic/colorful server template
Colorful/aesthetic template

serv basic to friends's Icon

serv basic to friends
Esse servidor eu criei com a intenção de ser bem básico mesmo, c…