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Guild Utility Bot

A simple bot to use bot that can help you manage your guild.

Prefix g!
Library discord.js
Servers 24
Shards 1
Privacy Policy g!privacy

Guild Utility, is an fully customizable, multipurpose discord bot. Which comes with a variety of commands & multitude of settings that can handle a number of tasks such as welcome messages and lots more.

Guild Utility bot currently has 13+ commands in 5 different categories which can be explored with g!help. With more command s coming shortly.

NOTE This bot is new and more commands will be added over time.

Current Commands

CommandAboutRequired Permission
g!helpShows bot help.N/A
g!serverinfoShows the guilds info.N/A
g!avatarDisplays the users avatar.N/A
g!userinfoShows the users information.N/A
g!userinfoShows the users information.N/A
g!privacyShows the privacy policy.N/A
g!infoShows bot info.N/A
g!inviteSends the bot invite link.N/A
g!emojisLists all of the emojis in the guild.N/A
g!premiumHas no real purpose at the moment.N/A
g!connect4Play A Game Of Connect 4.N/A
g!embedEmbed Generator.MANAGE_MESSAGES
g!addemojiAdds a given Emoji to the server.MANAGE_EMOJIS
g!kick <@user> Kicks the user.KICK_MEMBERS
g!ban <@user> Bans the user.BAN_MEMBERS
g!config welcomeSetup for welcome messages.MANAGE_GUILD
g!config logSetup for loging.MANAGE_GUILD
g!backupShows all of your backups.ADMINISTRATOR
g!backup createCreates a new backup.ADMINISTRATOR
g!backup load Loads the backup and replaces all channels, roles and emojis.ADMINISTRATOR
g!backup delete Deletes the backup permanently.ADMINISTRATOR
g!unbanallRemoves all of the bans in the guild.ADMINISTRATOR