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View Apex Legends User Stats, Map Rotation, Server Status, Legend Information, and Recent Blog Posts.

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Library discord.js
Servers 2,024
Owner SDCore#1234

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Apex Stats Bot

This bot was developed as an easy way to show off user stats for Apex Legends.

The bot currently has the following features:

  • Apex Legends User Stats
    • >>stats [platform] [username]
      • Replace [platform] with PC, PS4, or X1
      • Replace [username] with the username of your apex account
  • Most recent news article from the official Apex Legends blog
    • >>news
  • Apex Legends Server Status
    • >>status
  • Legend Bios and Information
    • >>legend [legend name]
      • Replace [legend name] with the name of a legend currently in the game
  • Current in-game map rotations
    • >>map
    • >>map #
      • Replace "#" with a number (between 1 and 10) to get future map rotations
  • Current active in-game events
    • >>event
  • Pick a random spot to drop based on the current map in rotation
    • >>drop



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Map Rotation

Map Rotation Preview

Future Map Rotations Preview

Server Status

Server Status Preview

Where to Drop

Where to Drop

In-Game Events

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News Article

Legend Info

Legend Information

Season Info

Season Information


Lots of help with some more obscure data from Rexx <3


If you find an error or need help with something else, join the support server!

You can find the somewhat-but-not-really frequently update Trello here.