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View Apex Legends User Stats, Map Rotation, Server Status, Legend Information, and Recent Blog Posts.

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Library discord.js
Servers 2,024
Owner SDCore#1234

Apex Stats Bot

This bot was developed as an easy way to show off user stats for Apex Legends.

The bot currently has the following features:

  • Apex Legends User Stats
    • >>stats [platform] [username]
      • Replace [platform] with PC, PS4, or X1
      • Replace [username] with the username of your apex account
  • Most recent news article from the official Apex Legends blog
    • >>news
  • Apex Legends Server Status
    • >>status
  • Legend Bios and Information
    • >>legend [legend name]
      • Replace [legend name] with the name of a legend currently in the game
  • Current in-game map rotations
    • >>map
    • >>map #
      • Replace "#" with a number (between 1 and 10) to get future map rotations
  • Current in-game arena rotations
    • >>arena
  • Current active in-game events
    • >>event
  • Pick a random spot to drop based on the current map in rotation
    • >>drop
  • Pick a random legend to play
    • >>who
  • See the most recent changelog/patch
    • >>changelog
  • See info about the most recent and previous seasons
    • >>season
      • Shows most recent season by default
    • >>season #
      • Replace # with a season number to see other season information
  • >>invite
    • Link to invite the bot to a server



Stats Preview Image Preview

(Image stats in development and not available to all servers.)

Map Rotation

Map Rotation Preview

Future Map Rotations Preview

Server Status

Server Status Preview

Where to Drop

Where to Drop

In-Game Events

In-Game Events Preview


News Article

Legend Info

Legend Information

Season Info

Season Information


Lots of help with some more obscure data from Rexx <3


If you find an error or need help with something else, join the support server!

You can find the somewhat-but-not-really frequently update Trello here.