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Everything you need in one.

Prefix d!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner Galaxy#1254

What is Lexius?

Lexius is a Discord bot. With Moderation, info and util commands (more commands soon).

Get started!

You can invite the bot with this invite(, if you need support/help in any command you can join the support server( When the bot is in the server you can use d!help (for view the commands), d!commands (view commands) or mention the bot (@Lexius) for more info. PD: The bot has 10 commands for now, but soon it will have many more commands.´

Mini FAQ

[?] The bot is don't responding! Solution: 1.You can check the bot have the permissions for sending messages, embed links and the permission to view this channel. 2.The bot is offline, you can see in the channel #status of the support server.

[?] How do to change the bot prefix? Answer: Actually you cannot change the bot prefix. But in future versions you will be able to change the prefix to the bot.

[?] What is the function of softban? Answer: With this command the bot bans and at the moment unban the user. It also clears the message history for the last 7 days.

You have more questions? Join the support server! (