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Public Bump

This bot allow you to advertise your server to other servers! Bumping is free and its an effective method to grow your server.

Prefix pb!
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner Knzo#5704

Public Bump • A Bump Bot For Your Server To advertise Your Server To all Servers That Have This Bot

Public Bump is a Bump Bot Made thats its mainly about posting your servers to random servers you can get started by doing pb!help for all the commands available…

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Here Are Some Of Commands Used In The Bot:

pb!ping Displays the bots ping

pb!info Displays the bots Statistics

pb!vote Displays the link to vote our bot

pb!invite Displays the link to invite our bot

pb!bump Advertises your Server on other Servers that the bot is in

pb!setup Setup The #Bump Channel

pb!premium Check our premium subscription

pb!redeem Redeem your code for prizes

pb!settings change your server settings

Public Bump • Video Tutorial

Video: Coming Soon