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Music, Moderation and Utility bot for your discord server.

Library Discord4J
Servers 394

Craftxbot is a music and moderation bot with some utility features. You can play music at whatever pitch and speed you want, keep your users and staff in check with kick, ban, mute and the modlog. You can also calculate basic math equations with the calculator and see information about users with userinfo.

To activate modlogging, create a channel named 'modlog' and make sure that only the bot has permission to talk in it.

To make mutes work, make a role named 'Muted' and disallow send messages from it.

By having this bot in your discord server you agree that (i) usage of this bot may be terminated at any time without warning. (ii) bot usage, responses and errors may be logged (iii) any data sent to the bot may be indefinitely stored No warranty is provided for using this bot and I(craftxbox) disclaim responsibility for any damages that are caused as a result of use of this bot.

Contact craftxbox on the support server for any inquiries relating data release or deletion.