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A music bot that provides high quality music with 24/7 In voice channels, free volume control, stage channels, filters and many more.

Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner -Matrix#5773

The Perfect Music Bot For Your Discord Server

Trusted by 2+ million users.

High Quality Music

Hop in your voice channel to listen to the high quality music without having to leave Discord with your friends.


24 / 7 Playback

Moosic stays playing in your server 24/7 and never disconnects unless you ask it to do so.


Ultimate Control

Control everything from Moosic's prefix to the equalizer for the ultimate DJ experience.


Wide range of platforms

Moosic allows you to use a wide range of platforms to cover all of your interests!


Industry standard infrastructure

In order to ensure a 99.9% availability we're using industry standard solutions to scale Moosic around the whole world. By putting huge efforts into this we can offer a smooth and stable service!

Getting Started