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Discord's most advanced AI-powered image moderation bot (Second version).Finally, time to take a break from manual moderation ;)

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Have you ever found it difficult to continuously moderate images and gifs sent by members in your server, just to ensure they are safe and explicit-content free?

Then you've come to the right place!

Using a powerful NSFW-content image detection AI, the DeGore bot is able to detect and instantly delete all visual-related attachments which are explicit and/or contain gore.

Just add the bot to your server, and you're all set!

Extra Commands:

/help - Get information on the bot's commands anytime, check the server status and more! | Usage: /help

/kick - Kicks the user | Usage: /kick [@User]

/ban - Bans the user | Usage: /ban [@User]

/stats - Get in-depth insights on which image categories were most commonly blocked & much more. | Usage: /stats

/config - Create your own custom configuration for your server to enable or disable the detection of certain (or all) image categories. | Usage: /config setup

Check the bot's server status and uptime anytime here!

The bot is currently free to use, however you can help support the developer keeping this bot as well as his other creations running by tipping me at Buy me a coffee!

Attached is a demo of the bot in action:

You can also check out the bot's official website at: