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BitPizza is a multipurpose bot, making your life a lot simpler and cooler. Features nice embeds, high uptime guarantees, and more.

Prefix p! (customizable)
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Owner honk#9999

The bot you probably didn't use is now being rewritten in discord.js, cause why not!
The development just started, so don't expect anything more than extremely basic commands.
We would love to hear your suggestions for the bot. Join our discord server and suggest your ideas in #suggestions!
To see the commands list, use the help command (default: p!help) or view the documentation.


  • Moderation (kick, ban, clear)
  • Fun (cat, dog, avatar)
  • Customization (prefix)

Privacy Policy

Available at Yes, I am using GitBook for it. Don't ask why.