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A bot which mainly focuses on boosting your server activeness. Features like Global Chat | Chat Reviver | Leveling Roles| Mini-Games| Event Builders| etc.

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Owner Aarno#7604

Special Features

All special features of athix are listed here

Global Chat

Setup a global chat in your server to talk to people from other servers and keep your server alive!

Chat Reviver

Setup a reviver to keep your chat active!

Tip System

A system which drops tips after particular amount of messages which can be set by you!

Banner generator

Have one of the best banner generator where you can choose between 8 fonts to apply in your banner.

Points System

Keep a custom server currency for your server which can optionally be given on every level up by me.

Qotd System

Have a qotd system to drop qotd everyday.

Leveling Roles

Award the users with some cool roles when they reach a particular level!

Many more!

Event Builders

Features which will surely help you to host events in your server!

Guess The Number

Host a guess the number event in your server which will be monitered by athix!

Rock Papers Scissors

Allow your members to have a rps duel through athix.


More than 4 unique mini-games to keep your server members entertained.


User Purge

Clears all the messages of a particular user. This command can only be used by the server owner.

Contains all other basic moderation commands but there's a new feature of optional DM informing the person who is being banned/kicked.



One of the best features to keep your chat active and ongoing.

Much More Is There!