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TimeoutTrack can provide logging for timeouts you make in your server

Library discord.js
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Note: TimeoutTrack is a bot that is controlled by slash commands, however to be able to use the features it offers, the bot must also be added. To ensure no issues arise, use the provided invite link.

TimeoutTrack's purpose is to keep track of timeouts that are made (using the bot or through Discord's UI). It also provides a /timeout and /remove_timeout command if you want to timeout for a custom amount of time, or want a reason to be provided whenever someone's timeout is ended early.

Additional feature 1: When using the /timeout and /remove_timeout command there is an optional dm parameter, you can choose whether or not to send a DM to the user when they get timed out/their timeout was ended early.

Additional feature 2: TimeoutTrack supports sending the timeout reason to the timed out user, even when using the BUILT-IN "Timeout " button. When you press the "Timeout " button, a log entry of the timeout will be sent to the set log channel and will prompt if you want to send a DM. Same for removing timeouts using the BUILT-IN Discord button.

First setup: Members with the Timeout Members permission can run the /setup command to setup the bot for their server.

Slash Commands

  • /about
    View more information about TimeoutTrack and get an invite for it

  • /help command
    View information about the commands this bot has
    • command: Command name to view information about
  • /news | Optional channel
    Receive announcements from the Support Server
    • channel: Channel other than the current one to receive announcements for
  • /remove_timeout user reason | Optional dm
    Remove a timeout on a user
    • user: Member to remove timeout
    • reason: Reason to remove the timeout of this member
    • dm: Send DM to user with the reason of ending timeout early
  • /setup channel mod_role_1 | Optional mod_role_2 mod_role_3
    Setup bot for your server
    • channel: A channel to send timeout logs to
    • mod_role_1: A role that can assign/end timeouts
    • mod_role_2: A role that can assign/end timeouts
    • mod_role_3: A role that can assign/end timeouts
  • /timeout user duration reason | Optional dm
    Enact a timeout on a user
    • user: Member to put in timeout
    • duration: Amount of time to mute (In minutes - Min 1 - Max 40320)
    • reason: Reason to timeout this member
    • dm: Send DM to timed out user with the reason
  • /view_setup
    View the current setup for this server