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Luxury Music V2

A friendly and easy to use music bot that has amazing features. Along with epic audio and bass. The bot also has 8d feature to allow anyone to play any song and turn it

Library discord.js

Welcome to Luxury Music V2.

For those fans that already use Luxury Music welcome to the new one and thank you for all the love and support you give me. Luxury Music V2 is packed with all new features and more powerful bass. The bot is powered by slash cmds so you would need to be able to use the slash ability in your server to use the bot. If you do not have access to use the ability please ask your server admin for support on getting that ability. The bot is a 24/7 active music bot that will always be free to use on all features. The features are as followed you have the normal ones like play,skip,pause,resume, and all the other basic ones. But as I said it has ones that some dont have and some that no bot has. Like when you do /filter a section appears in the chat bar with more to choose from like bassboost,eight dimension(8d), karaoke, Nightcore, vaporwave, pop, soft, Treblebass, vibrato, tremolo. Please Note these are filters that change the audio they are NOT search engines that pop up music when you choose one.

Luxury Music and V2 are created to give the people of discord the ability to listen to music with friends and family with out having to pay for premium to get good audio or change volume or whatever. The bot was designed to help people to just chill and relax with the great audio it comes with. If you ever need help or something feel free to join the support server that is called influx hangout and ask or if you just wanna join and chill there and show some support that is cool as well. :) Luxury Music V2 is the first of it's kind to give so many features for audio that it will be a great journey to see it become a success like Luxury Music is.*

The bots I make like this one are all for you guys as I do this as a hobby and to help the discord community out with things that it may need. I dont do this for money or anything. I just do it because I care about the discord community. Also because I enjoy programming.

Please Feel free to show your love for the by writing a review about it. As all the reviews help me on making the bot better.

Invite the bot today. :)