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A simple verification Discord bot, which helps prevents spam bots from speaking inside your server.

Prefix ;
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy ;privacy
Owner Myst#3772

YourGuard Verification

YourGuard is a simple verification bot which helps prevents spam bots from speaking in your server!

It's simple and easy to set up, taking less than a minute!

How does it work? YourGuard generates a random 8-character code, which the user will need to input to get access to the server. If the user fails 3 times, then they will be kicked.


;help - Brings up a help menu

;setup - Quickly sets up your server!

;delete - Disables verification in your server!

;prefix - Chnage the prefix in your server!

;verify - Verify yourself.

;privacy - Displays the privacy policy.