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A moderation bot that uses AI to detect messages and sends them to a channel for moderators to review the message.

Prefix l. or @Lens
Library discord.py
Servers 234
Privacy Policy l.policy
Owner Tuck#4321

The Lens bot is a discord bot that allows you to moderate your server in a new kind of way. You don't have to put in any bad words that you don't want people saying in your discord, you just set the bot up and it will start detecting bad words. The bot can pick up toxicity, severe toxicity, identity attack, insults, profanity, threats, words that are sexually explicit, or flirtatious. You can enable or disable each of those depending on what you want the bot to do. Since this is an AI the messages that are detected to be bad have to be held for review.

ping, clear, help, enable, disable, channel, role, autopunish, addserver