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Advanced (and cute) moderation bot. Fully customizable with auto moderation and a sophisticated warning system.

Prefix x! | mention | custom
Library Eris
Servers 1,047
Shards 1
Owner August#5820
Editors winterfoxxo#0


Moderation-based Discord bot created for the official Hack Week!

How to use the bot?

x!settings will help you manage the settings for each guild.

View the settings by running x!settings view

  1. Adding and removing a punishment: x!settings add [--soft] [--temp ] [--days ] [--roleid ]

Example (This will add a punishment: a soft ban after 3 warnings): x!settings add 3 ban --soft

You can have as many punishments as you like! but remember, some punishments can collide with others! Use them cautiously!

To remove a punishment you run (the index is the place of the punishment in the list in x!settings view): x!settings remove

  1. Enabling and Disabling other settings x!settings set

Example: Enabling anti-spam in automod: x!settings enable automod.spam

Example: Disabling anti-spam in automod: x!settings disable automod.spam

  1. Resetting to defaults: x!settings reset


  • Auto Moderation - Prevents raids, spam, ads and swears!
  • Lockdown command - locks one, multiple or all channels for a specific role downwards
  • Moderation commands - many moderation commands to simplify your moderators' work.
  • Moderation Log and Cases - easy and organized way of seeing the actions done by you and your mods!
  • Advanced warning system and auto punishments - automatically punish those who commit offenses!
  • Logging - Organize and chain punishments if a person edited/deleted a message of a sneaky invite!