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Hey, are you looking for a One Piece Server with more that? Then come on in To the One Piece Club for fun One piece activities and other anime communities!

İlan Sahibi かたくり#8822

n our One Piece Server We have One Piece discussion, other anime discussions, 200+ emojis, server boosted, Socializing, fun, gaming, And so much more With also Events and we might do some giveaways! With 52 Fun roles, you get trough Leveling up, Buying with credit and inviting other members! Also 6 important roles! Also, 2 Donator roles trough donating and boosting!4 Notification roles to know when someone posts on Reddit/youtube/twitch/twitter! 2 Update roles to know when we do giveaways and updates! 5 Channel roles you can obtain to access EVEN more channels! 2 Extra roles you obtain by verifying yourself and an extra role to show your appreciation to the server and the staff! But beware with also come a mute role where if you cause to much trouble you get muted! We also have plenty Of bots to enjoy with around 5 fun bots to enjoy and 6 mod bots! But If that's not enough we can invite more with also questions of the day which you can answer the poll's question and we might even choose you to decide a question of the day! And Like a said Before this is a One Piece Server BUT It's not only that but more but if you don't know if you want to watch one piece then we have a channel with all the info you need to know before watching and why you should watch it to see if its an Anime For You! I hope you can come to this server and say WOW I want to stay here!