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İlan Sahibi DaMetalRenegade#1911

Sup guys we're a server mainly focused on the game/manga/anime Girls Frontline and we're trying to build our own little community for it, but we're also open to any and all fans of other Anime, Manga and similar games/media. WHAT WE OFFER --> Bi-weekly giveaways and free item giveaways randomly every month! --> A social/combat based Role Play with various factions for you to join in RP as well as a diverse channel landscape for you to explore for those who wish to participate in RP. --> Weekly RP events with a reward/currency system and an in RP shop for your characters. --> Voice Chat channels with an easy to use music bot. --> Various different social and shootposting channels for your dank needs. --> Tupperbot, 2 different Gambling bots, other RP bots, and some others to cover hopefully most of your shootposting tastes. WE NEED ACTIVE ROLE PLAYERS! So come on in and say hi! We don't bite, If you don't know anything about Girls Frontline don't worry, we're more than happy to introduce you to the lore, or you can just stick around and shootpost either way we'd be happy to have you :D