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Dragonstone University (furry RP)

Welcome to **Dragon Stone University**! We're a Roleplay server whose world is based in a made up city in the American state of California, that is looking for more participants! *About Us*: :fox: Furry Oriented :wolf: NSFW Allowed :cat: Friendly and Non-Judgemental :dragon_face: All Roleplay experience levels and styles welcome! :star2: **New Booster Benefits!** :star2: :shark: Access to Booster-exclusive Voice Chats! :rabbit: Unlimited Character Slots! :horse: A big 'ol hug! While we're a Roleplay server first, we do have a fun, happy little community going! Feel free to join just to hang out if you wish! :) Our Roleplay takes place in Dragon Stone University, a prestigious school that most desire to be a part of. You can roleplay as a student, a faculty member, or just someone out and about in the town of La Costa Dorada! Will you make friends? Enemies? Lovers? Will you pass that final or fail? Come find out! ~We look forward to seeing you, in **Dragon Stone University**!~ https://imgur.com/a/4jgRdsl

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