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Tsumiki is an Anime themed Action Bot, with various Actions and miscellaneous Commands

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Tsumiki - Discord Bot 


Tsumiki is an Anime themed Action Bot, with various Actions and miscellaneous Commands. Her main feature is the advanced mention system and when combined with her action commands, makes for a deadly feature. Express yourself on Discord or silently mention users with Tsumiki today!

Showcasing the mention system with Action Command examples

All mention types

Mention using a discord username, a discord ID, a discord tag (username + discriminator), only the discriminator, with a standard mention, or a server nickname!

Partial name matching

Tsumiki will search using what she is given, even if its a partial of their name.

Do note that this system isn't always 100% accurate.

Mention as many as you want!

Tsumiki will ignore those she can't find when there is above 10 mentions and they won't be counted in the "and x others!" section!

Ignores all sorts of self mentions

Tsumiki will ignore all types of self mentions, and if no other user is mentioned, it will count it as no users mentioned. The same goes for mentions over 10, it won't count it.


Showcasing a few commands


Ship Command

Husbando & Waifurate

Kitsu Anime/Manga search

Tsumiki's Emotes

I spent an entire night adding each emote manually... Pls send help.


Do you need help with Tsumiki in any way?

See one of Tsumiki's official guides or join our Discord server for further help!


Want to see all of Tsumiki's commands?

You can find them here on Tsumiki's official website.

"Tsumiki is the action bot for your anime action needs"