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PogChamp is a fun-focused bot.

Önek pog
Kütüphane discord.js
Sunucular ???
Gizlilik Politikaları pog privacy

PogChamp Discord Bot

pog  Use this before every command.
pog privacy Get information about how your data is being stored on PogChamp.
pog help Displays the standard help menu.
@PogChamp Helps you when you lost the prefix.

Basic Bot Commands

pog kick [@mention] Kicks a member.
pog ban [@mention] Bans a member.
pog clear [amount] Bulk-deletes messages.
pog invite Invites the bot to another server.
pog server Shows server stats.
pog suggest [suggestion] Submits a suggestion to PogChamp.
pog minecraft [username/uuid] Returns a link to download/grab the skin.
pog joke Reply's with a (funny) joke.
pog achievement Create a Minecraft achievement of a maximum of 5 words.
pog premium Returns your Premium stats/buying page.

PogChamp Premium
PogChamp Premium is a way to support the bot and get sweet perks back, including exclusive emoji's and commands. You can get Premium for only 5 bucks lifetime. Use pog premium to get a link to the buying page.