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A Discord bot with a ton of information about Minecraft. All the (Minecraft) data, that's the goal.

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McData is a bot with a lot of information about Minecraft, such as items and instruments. You can also view your skin & create a profile, with more coming in the future.

Tulip Update (v3.0.0)

Quick Commands Overview:

  • General: botinfo, changelog, help, links, ping
  • Information: colors, formatcodes, instruments, item, versions
  • Profile: account, badges, description, head, history*, profile, skin, uuid

Profiles Create a profile with /profile, set a description using /description and/or link your Minecraft username using /account. Your profile also displays your badges. Certain people will receive badges, view the full list with /badges.

Of course, you can see your skin. /skin & /head are your friends.

Open Source The bot is open-source on GitHub. Feel free to contribute.

Data All the data, that's the goal. Try using /color or /instruments.

Despite the fact that McData has got quite some information, there is still a lot missing. However, gathering this data isn't the easiest. Some help would be appreciated. Later more about this.


Github: Changelog: