Ka heke te roimata me te hūpē, ka ea te mate—In memoriam of Elizabeth II

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Play Hangman in Discord with Singleplayer, Mutiplayer and DM support including random words from an API and custom server categories.

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Kütüphane Discord.Net
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How to play

You can play a Singleplayer game or play with a friend in Multiplayer


h/play | h/play easy | h/play normal | h/play hard | h/play random


Challenge a friend to a game of hangman to see who can guess the word first h/multi


Servers can create custom categories to play so that you can input your own words


  • Support for DMs
  • Reaction letters support
  • Per channel disable

Eğik çizgi Komutları

  • /hangmanhelp
    Get help and commands for Hangman bot.