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Phasmo Helper

Get lots of tools and utilities for your Phasmophobia experience!

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Phasmo Helper will give you lots of tools for your Phasmophobia experience.

It will help you:

  • decide what map to play next by picking one randomly for you
  • draft the player that will have to talk alone to the ghost
  • kill the boredom by offering you a random challenge
  • narrow down the ghost type from the evidence you have collected
    The only permission it requires is to respond to discord messages, it doesn't mess with the game in any way, it's not a mod.
    Available commands:
  • /help: list of commands
  • 🔦 /random item: pick a random item
  • 🗺️ /random map LIST: choose a random map between those indicated. If List is empty, it will consider every map.
  • 🎲 /random hero A B C: Pick a random player. Useful when you have to decide who must talk alone with the ghost.
  • 🌀 /spin CHALLENGE_NAME: spin the wheel of the challenge CHALLENGE_NAME, if it has one.
  • ⚔️ /challenge: pick a random challenge. Get a list of challenges and their description with /challenge info CHALLENGE_NAME
  • 👻 /ghost: Info and trivia about a ghost type.
  • 🔎 /clues CLUES: Show which ghosts are possible with those clues and which evidence is lacking.
  • 🎟️ /invite: Invite the bot or get an invite to the Support Server
    A special thank you to Destiny, that allowed me to include his ->Phasmophobia Trait Challenge in my bot.
    If you want to help me maintaining my project, you can:
  • give me feedback in the linked discord server
  • upvote the bot
  • suggest new challenges
  • offer me a coffee on -> ko-fi. It will help me keep the bot online :)

Have fun!