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Hello, I AM the best NSFW bot to ever grace the earth! ­čîŹ (includes NSFW autoposting!)

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  • ­čö×Ńâ╗Over 35 different categories of hentai images and GIFs
  • ­čĺĽŃâ╗Currently 8 real porn categories for everyone to use
  • ÔťĘŃâ╗Anybody who becomes premium gets awesome perks
  • ÔĆ▒Ńâ╗Autopost NSFW to your DM's every couple of seconds
  • ­čÖëŃâ╗Setup your own personal profile for others to see
  • ­čôłŃâ╗99.9% uptime, so you can count on us to stay running
  • ­čľą´ŞĆŃâ╗We source our images from our own database
  • ­čĺąŃâ╗Our database can be used by other developers
  • ­čŤá´ŞĆŃâ╗We are always adding new features to this bot