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Voice Master

The best voice channel bot with automatic voice channel management and voice channel games (eg. YouTube Together), and of course a good music system with filters.

Önek ! (customizable)
Kütüphane discord.js
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Sahip OMJO#8263

Voice Master

Take control over your voice channels with Voice Master, using its rich features.

Voice Party


Voice party lets users join a channel that creates their private channel where they can lock and unlock their voice channels and can set it to visible, where other users can view the channel or set it to invisible that other users are unable to view the channel. Voice Master has also set up a friends system that allows each user to have a friends list and those friends on that list will be able to view and join the voice channel regardless of the voice channel's status(lock/invisible).

Voice Roles

!bind [role] [channel]

Voice Roles is pretty simple to explain and to use, when a role is assigned to a voice channel, the user will recieve that role when the user joins the channel, (A role will be given to the user who joins the voice channel). This can be helpful in many different situations but for example, the role will give the user access to the music channel so that these text channels like the music channel will not clutter servers for other users.

Voice Cloning

!link [channel]

This feature will always make sure that there is always a spare voice channel available for users to join and will automatically delete unused voice channels to keep the server clean. With this feature, you don't have to worry about running out of voice channels anymore.

Voice Logging


Voice Logging is a logging feature that is extremely detailed and records almost everything in the voice channel except for what is being discussed of course. This feature is helpful especially for moderation purposes as it records what happens in the voice channel, for example, it automatically detects when a user has been server muted and records it in the dedicated voice logs channel.

YouTube Together and Games


Enjoy YouTube Together with friends in a voice channel along with some extra voice channel games, such as "Poker Night" and "Chess in the Park"!


Voice Master has all the standard music command and more, inluding filters!