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a moderation bot with every feature you could need on a server! dm the bot for support/more info

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Sahip Xulgos#0001


Ever wondered what it feels like to only have one bot with 99.33% uptime for ALL your administrative and entertainment needs?

Look no further than this bot!

With the automatically renewable weekly premium (bought with the bot's currency) you unlock:

  • Better audio quality from the bot while playing music
  • A totally custom profile title
  • Access to beta features
  • And everything for the super cheap price of 10 000 of the bot currency weekly (cancel at anytime)

    Our community loves:

  • A complete economy system with easy and funny ways to win money and interact with others users!
  • Direct and easy support just by sending a private message to the bot!
  • A complete music command list to listen your favorite music with your friends!
  • Update the bot prefix to anything you'd like in a simple command and without any limits!
  • A complete farming system to get more money than you could ever dream of
  • A complete and very easy to use help commands with images as example
  • And finally a super website (coming soon)