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XVidros is a brazilian NSFW bot bringing adult content with good humour and efficiency

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XVidros has a variety of commands that responds with a NSFW video, along with its title, views, duration, user who uploaded and a fun description.

These commands represent different categories, so each one will respond with a video from the respective category.

Our bot also posts a random daily video, which can be disabled with the !!config command.

We will update the bot with more categories as the bot is stable and working well in the servers. For more information, visit our website (all content is in portuguese).

XVidros Bot also has the option to change the language. through the commands:

Eu desejo colocar o bot em português: !!config language br

I want to put the bot in English: !!config language en

Quiero poner el bot en español: !!config language es