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A bot for all ant-keepers & ant-communities out there!

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Bibliotek discord.js
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Ägare Darvin#0611

🐜 AntCheck - A bot for ant communitis

📝 Commands:
/sells AntSpecies -> Get a list of shops selling an ant species (
/id AntSpecies -> Get scientific identification images of an ant species
/map AntSpecies -> Get a map of the distribution of an ant species
/flight AntSpecies -> Get the nuptial flight months of an ant species
/usermap (set | remove | map) -> The usermap is a map where you can see antkeepers all over the world
/userspecies (add | remove | info) -> A list who keeps which species
/feedback -> An easy and fast way to send feedback directly to the author (critics, new ideas, requests)
/antcheck -> Overview, statistics and settings

⚙️Admin settings:
/antcheck language:(German,Turkey,Standard:English)