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The Clever YouTube Bot For Discord. Check your profile, search for channels, watch videos in VC, get upload notifications, everything from Discord!

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Y4D - The Clever YouTube Bot

Y4D presents accurate, real-time statistics for channels, videos, playlists, and much more! It also allows you to link your profile, and keep a check on your channel statistics! Y4D can also pull up YouTube in your desired VC, allowing you to watch videos with friends! Whether you want to check on T-Series’ new music video, or announce your own upload, Y4D enables you to get instant upload notifications, customized to your liking!


Whether you remember the command, or you don’t, Y4D will always be able to respond to you. The bot offers dual functionality, which means you can either type in a command, or simply use “/” to pop up a list of all commands. Forgot the prefix? No problems! Just mention the bot! For all commands, run yt!help. Alternatively, you could use the slash command /help

A Content Creator’s Best Friend.

Y4D offers a range of creator-friendly commands. Take the recent videos command, for example. Y4D compiles your previous 5 videos’ performance and displays it in a simple, neat, and interactive embed. Also, it provides the ability to set up goals and milestones and automatically informs you as you accomplish them. Neat, isn’t it?

Free, Safe, Intuitive.

Y4D offers all commands at no cost, which means you neither need to vote nor need to pay to use any clever feature. Also, the developers have programmed the bot in such a way, that it relies totally on non-sensitive public data, yet curates a custom-tailored experience. With this comes the user-friendly search commands, which rely on smart pagination rather than number inputs from the user!

Upload Notifications.

Y4D allows you to set up upload notifiers for your favourite channels, and makes an announcement when a new video is uploaded. Whether you want to keep a watch on your friends’ channels or announce your own content, Y4D’s upload notifications are the way to go!

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