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Rock Paper Scissors

Welcome to the Rock Paper Scissors bot! With this bot you can play Rock Paper Scissors! (with a friend or just the bot)

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Política de Privacidade rps!privacy
Dono Firee#7982

This bot (Rock Paper Scissors) is a bot where you can play Rock Paper Scissors with other people (from your server or other servers)!

When typing rps!play, it'll show the available options:

  • Bot > Play with the bot (RNG) [Award with coins if you win against the bot]
  • Someone > Play with someone on your server
  • Match Making (Unranked) > Play with someone from another server [Award with coins if you win against a player]
  • Match Making (Ranked) [10 Wins Required] > Play against people who have the same (or lower) LBT as you! [Award with coins and LBT if you win against a plyer, if you lose you will lose LBT]

Description is still W I P (Work in Progress)