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A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...

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A discord music/radio bot that plays music in your server/servers.

Getting Started

No setup is needed for the bot. All you need to have is a voice channel and a text channel for the command. If you need more help /help for the full list of help commands (The bot only uses slash commands).

Premium Benefits

Having premium will allow you to have full control over some amazing features. The ability to control the music queue. Set roles to allow certain users to control the bot and its commands. Automatically add music to the queue when the queue is empty.

• Premium - $3.99 • Premium Pro - $7.99 • Supporter - $14.99

Bot Commands

These are a list of some commands. To see the full list of commands just type /help on your server.

Commands Information Free Premium
help View a list of available commands
premium View premium benefits
info View the bot's stats
vote Vote for this bot to get a cooldown reduction
play Play a radio stream
iheart Search for an iHeart radio station
autoplay Bot will fill the queue when its empty
filter Change the queues sound effects
queuesettings Change the queues sound effects