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A Lavalink Powered Music Bot with Reaction Controls, Autoplay, Youtube & Spotify & Deezer & Soundcloud Support and many more things!

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Little Music

Little Music is another Bot from the Little Studios Family! It is a Lavalink Powered all in one Music Bot that supports Reaction Crontros, Autoplay, Youtube & Spotify & Deezer & Soundcloud and even 180+ Radio Stations!

Table of Content


Reaction Controls

Just simply start an Song by Typing m!play and the Embed with the Menu should popup!

Request Channel

Start by typing in m!setup and the Bot will create an Category and will set up everything (this can only be done by Admins and can only be reset by the Server Owner! Commands will not work in other channels unless you turn it back on with m!togglerequestonly)


Just simply type in m!radio to see all Radios! Type m!radio to turn a Radio on.

Song of the Day

See the Current song of the day with m!songoftheday to play it use m!playsongoftheday


We have many Filters like m!bassboost and more! Check it out in the help Command!

Arguments to use Little Music

High Quality Music

Due to our High Performance Lavalink Audio Nodes we can provide you with the Best Audio Quality that you can get right now!

99,99% Uptime

With our High End Servers we can Provide you a 99,99% Uptime!

Frequent Updates

Due to our Team of Developers we are able to push Frequent Updates!

User Friendly

Our Bot is very User Friendly due to it doing mostly everything automatically

No Paywall

We do have a Premium Mode but it is FREE for everyone! And we dont hide Commands that make the Expierience better behind some shady Paywalls

Open Source

Our Bot is Open Source so you can see what is going on behind the Scenes!

More by Little Studios

As we said this Bot is just another Bot of the Little Studios Family! Make sure to checkout Little Pika 2.0


This Bot is a Modified fork from Tomato6966/discord-js-lavalink-Music-Bot-erela-js make sure to check it out!