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🚀 Step into a world of seamless cross-server communication with InterChat! Connect and chat with other servers effortlessly. Elevate your Discord experience now! 💬✨

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InterChat: Connecting Servers Beyond Imagination!

InterChat enables effortless cross-server chatting. You can engage in real-time conversations with members of different servers while within the comfort of your own! Whether you wish to collaborate with others, unite for special events, or simply connect with like minded individuals from around the globe!


  1. Choose a channel: on your server where you want to receive messages from other servers. It is recommended to create a separate channel specifically for this purpose, as using the bot in a general chat channel may become cluttered.
  2. Browse Public Hubs: Type /hub browse to browse hubs on interchat. To connect to a hub, simply use /hub join. If the connection is successful, a message will appear in the chat to confirm the connection.
  3. Send messages! Type your desired message in the channel you set up without the need for a prefix or command.
  4. Chat with users from other servers in the hub.
  5. Want to take a break? To disconnect from the network, simply click the red disconnect button. You can also use the /network manage command to view and edit your hub connection at any time.


This is how sending messages to and from other servers will look like after a little customization:

image image2

Why choose InterChat?

  • InterChat offers a unique opportunity to enhance your server's activity.
  • Rest assured, we are committed to your privacy and never store your messages.
  • We value your suggestions and are committed to providing regular updates.
  • Experience the joy of connecting with friends from different servers in a fun and interactive way.
  • Personalize InterChat to your preferences, whether it's choosing a distinct embed color, customizing hub icons, or opting for a compact format.

Main Commands

Command Description
Blacklist Blacklist a user or server from a hub.
Delete Message Delete a message
Edit Message Edit a message
Message Info Get information about a message
Translate Translate text
/rules Send the network rules for InterChat
/connection Manage your connections in this server
/hub browse Browse public hubs and join them
/hub manage Edit a hub you own
/hub settings Edit your hub settings
/hub join Join a public/private hub from this server
/hub leave Leave a hub from this server
/hub create Create a new hub
/hub delete Delete a hub you own
/hub connections List all connected servers to your hub
/hub moderator Manage hub moderators
/hub invite Manage invites for your private hubs
/hub invite create Create a new invite code to your private hub
/hub invite revoke Revoke an invite code to your hub
/hub invite list List all moderators on a hub
/hub joined List all hubs you have joined from this server
/support Send reports/suggestions to InterChat staff/developers

If you encounter any issues while using InterChat, you can join the official /support server or use the /support report command to report the problem to the developers. A list of available commands can be accessed by using the /help command.

Need Help? https://discord.gg/6bhXQynAPs