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A cleverbot-like conversational bot.

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Here is a list of available commands for Eve:
If there is an (X) next to a command, it signifies that the command is administrator only. If you require help or wish to discuss anything, come talk to us at discord.gg/Yb8Adhf.

[OBJECT] - Optional
- Necessary

How to start:
When Eve is first invited to your server, you can immediately talk to her through the use of the --say command, that allows you to send messages directly. HowEver, you can assign a specific channel that Eve will reply to Every message in. You can do this by typing --assign <#channel>. A few people seemed to get confused here, but <#channel> must be mentioning a channel.


--help - Summons this menu in discord, explaining all of Eve's commands.
--server - Invites you to Eve's server, where you can have find help or discuss things.
--servers - This command will tell you the amount of servers that currently use Eve!
--invite - Returns a link that you can use to invite Eve into another server, such as your own.
--say - Allows you to converse with Eve in any channel, instead of having to assign her to a certain channel beforehand.
--avatar - A little bit self explanatory, but Eve will return the avatar source of which user the ID belongs to. The specified user doesn't need to be in any mutual servers.
--avatarlink - The same command as above but instead of returning an embed, returns the link of the source instead.
--ping - Pong! Now with added ping pong. :)
--feedback - Submits some feedback into #feedback in the --server.
--suggest - Submits a suggestion into #suggestions in the --server.
--report - Submits a bug report into #bug-reports in the --server. This is not for reporting specific people.
--count [USER] - This will tell you how many messages this user has sent to Eve. If [USER] is left blank, it will tell you how many messages you've sent. [USER] can either be blank, a username, or a mention.
--leaderboard - This command brings up the global leaderboard for Eve's highest counts. This also shows the total messages sent to Eve.
(X) --prefix - This allows you to change Eve's prefix for the server you're currently in. If you don't specify one with the command, it will return the current prefix.
(X) --purge - Purges the specified amount of messages.
(X) --assign <#channel> - Assigns Eve to any mentioned channel. - Ensure she has permissions to speak in the channel.
(X) --unassign - Unassigns Eve from any previously assigned channel.