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A feature-rich Discord bot that can do a variety of wacky things to liven up your incredible Discord server!

Prefixo c/ (Customizable)
Biblioteca discord.js
Servidores ???
Política de Privacidade c/privacy
Dono Mercy#4662



• Make a FULLY customizable "hug" leaderboard
• Setup a channel where users can send suggestions
• Give roles to a member when they join a voice channel (and remove it when they leave)
• Translate a given text into any language supported by Google
• Allow staff members to go AFK with a customizable AFK tag
• Make your amazing & lovely discord server much better with my 25+ fun commands
• Manipulate your friends profile pictures into 20+ different styles
• Show you COVID-19 information about a specific place (or the whole world)
• Make your server's moderation much easier with my 15+ moderation commands


• Verified by Discord
• Trusted by 50k+ members
• Has over 100+ commands 
• A really active and polite developer 
• Have over 100+ votes on bot websites


Hug leaderboard

Hug leaderboard image #1

Hug leaderboard image #2

Setting up suggestions

setting up suggestions image

Enabling VC role

Enabling VC role image

Translating a text

Translating a text image

Enabling custom AFK tag

Enabling custom AFK tag image #1

Enabling custom AFK tag image #2

COVID-19 Stats

COVID-19 Stats image