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Not all battles involve weapons, some just involve cash.

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The War is Here

Are you prepared to fight?

This battle isn't with weapons or deaths, but to see who can build the biggest enterprise. With the most money.

Tired of the same old Discord game? Want something new and exciting? Need to boost your servers energy and activity?

BarBattles is a turn-based strategy bot in which you open your own bar and attempt to make the most money by buying and selling different alcohols.

You begin with an impressive contribution of $400 from your uncle by doing the >start command. After you've named your bar and set your clever slogan, you are all set to >shop.

You are presented with five to ten different types of liquors which are available to buy. As you start out you have space in your Store Room for 15 bottles. As you progress in the game you can buy more space with the >upgrade command.

Every two minutes the prices of the liquor changes based on the demand for the liquor. A $50 bottle of liquor one minute could only be worth $15 the next.

Be careful of minors, unruly customers and the DEA. You could lose serious money from fines and broken bottles. Maybe hire a bouncer or bribe the police in the >boost shop.

It's not all bad news... Depending on your quality of service, and how often you buy/sell, your customers will tip you big bucks.

BarBattles comes jammed packed with commands and features:

• Start your Bar and then name it and give it a slogan

• Shop for inventory with easy Buy/Sell commands

• A store that updates pricing every two minutes

• Temporary boosts to decrease neighborhood crime or increase profits

• Permanent upgrades to increase sales and expand your inventory capacity,

• Fun gambling commands like dice roll and coin flip.

• Server wide and Global Leaderboards

• Weekly NITRO Giveaways to the Weekly Leader

• User Profile with game related information