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Akina is a discord bot to make all your server inactivity worries to go away!

Prefixo a!
Biblioteca discord.js
Servidores ???
Política de Privacidade a!privacy
Dono Kanna#0001


What is Akina?

Akina is a multi-purpose bot that will make all your worries disappear, complete with fun commands, filled to the brim with utility commands, and moderation commands.

Why should you add Akina to your server?

Like stated above, it's a multi-purpose bot, with LOTS of commands that you wont get tired off, which means that all your worries about server activity will go away.

Commands Akina offers commands for any type of server, here are the category's of commands!

  • Fun Commands
  • Anime Commands
  • Meme Commands
  • And much more!