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MyGallery is a unique bot that offers users the possibility to have their own gallery and store their favorite images in Discord, allowing a fast and secure access whenever they want.

Prefixo ! (Changeable)
Biblioteca discord.js
Servidores ???
Política de Privacidade !privacy-policy
Dono Klaus#1565

MyGallery is available in over 15 languages: English, French, Ukrainian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Spain, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Norwegian, Greek, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian.


A gallery on MyGalley can be public or private. In addition, a user can store up to 50 images in a single gallery, or become a premium user to store up to 100 images. Furthermore, a user can create up to 10 galleries, i.e. a regular user can store a total of 500 images or a premium user up to 1000 images.


Public galleries are shown to everyone and listed in the gallery command. You can make your gallery private at any time with the privacy command, so only you will have access to this gallery and it will no longer appear in the gallery command! But don't worry, if you have a special friend, you can share your gallery with them with the give-access command.


In MyGallery you can customize almost everything, like your own images saved in your gallery with the customize command, and also, you can buy a lot of cute avatars in the store through the points you get using MyGallery! Not only that, you can customize your gallery color, profile color, descriptions and much more.


Join our support server if you need help, want to get information about updates and issues or want to offer contributions to MyGallery!