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Pingernos (unofficial)

An unofficial bot made by an Aternos moderator that gets the status of the provided Aternos server.

Prefixo ping
Biblioteca discord.js
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Editores JayThePHQ#5450

This bot has the fairly simple function of doing ping status and you get the status.

The status includes things alike:

  • playercount
  • exact status (loading/online/offline)

Unfortunately with the API we currently use it is rather hard to get a lot of data for the status as Aternos modifies some things that differ from the API's endpoints, making some data impossible to get of the little data this API already provides. The API we use is not affiliated with Aternos, Minecraft or any server host. This bot is also not affiliated with Aternos.

Pingernos is a completely free product made by PsychOps Development.