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Emoji Guardian

Simple Emoji bot that allows you to do things like assign an emoji to a role and add emojis from servers using a command, among other things

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What is Emoji Guardian?

Emoji Guardian is a bot, especially for emoji servers. You can do things like lock an emoji to a role and create a list of your server's emojis with the emojis and ids, but you can also use a command to add emojis from other servers to your own server.


  • Emoji lock to role
  • Lock all emojis to a role with one command
  • Emojis change log (deleted, added, ....)
  • Emojis list with the id and emoji
  • More Information about an Emoji with a command
  • Emoji preview command (How the emoji looks like in dark mode and light mode)
  • Blacklist system to prevent users from stealing copyrighted emojis
  • Add emojis from other servers by using a command
  • Enlarge emoji to download them (for example when you are on mobile)
  • Add stickers to your server by using a emoji
  • Emoji stats see how many emojis/stickers you added

You need help with the bot or you found a bug?

Join our support server that we can help you https://discord.gg/EbBsuxVNYT

How to lock an emoji to a role?

First type "/emoji lock" in the chat wait until the slash command if you still can't see it read this https://docs.emojiguardian.xyz/troubleshooting#the-emojis-in-the-messages-from-emoji-guardian-doesnt-work

After you select the command, select an emoji. For the first option, you can select an emoji by its id, name, or an emoji from the emoji selector. Then you just need to select the role you want to lock the emoji to. If you want to lock multiple emojis with one command, you can use "/emojis lock_multiple" or "/emojis lock_all" for all emojis.

Image of the command usage

How to add an emoji from a other server?

Type "/emoji add" in the chat then select the emoji you want to add default emojis aren't supported and you can't just use the id (example: 897205187981221919) or the name of the emoji

Image of the command usage

Emojis list example

Command: "/emojis list"


Emoji preview example