We are looking for members to join our staff team, check out the #news channel in our server!

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Make your server safer in just one click!

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As of right now, we are working on improving Hexagon:

  • Better Performance
  • Better features
  • Better looking website
  • Dashboard

We made sure, that moderation and utility Commands are as easy to use as possible, so we made it so that the commands get triggered with single letters! We also made it so that the commands are not case-sensitive!

Example: +listwarnings is the same as +Lw (no matter the capitalization c: )

But we don't just want moderation, right? So we added image manipulation and much more to it, like +jail and +triggered!

How to use Hexagon?

To use Hexagon, we would recommend making a "log" channel, where moderation logs will get sent into, once set up.

📤 Invite Hexagon

🎤 Configure the prefix, if needed, with +setprefix

📋 Set loggings channel with +setlogs

✨ Enjoy the bot!