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A fun bot to harmlessly annoy your friends!

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a discord.py bot, made for the purpose of harmlessly annoying users in your discord server.

This bot will boost engagement within your server, by allowing creative and funny jokes to be made at your friends’ expanse. If you’re feeling naughty or want to get back at a friend, you can ‘troll’ them with the bot as well!

Some commands include:


-bad urmom jokes

-mild swears

-math functionality

-discord-wide snipe command

-multiple trolls


-top memes from reddit

-NEW: games

invite the bot here: (invite link)[https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=844757192313536522&permissions=8&scope=bot] you can suggest things in the support server here: (server)[https://discord.com/invite/UCGAuRXmBD]

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