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**BotFragg** is a Social Bot which makes to access your Valorant Account in a flash and provides with a detailed statistics for everyone.

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Valorant Store Checker and Stats!

Discord bot that shows your daily store offer without opening VALORANT by using the Ingame API.


Don't be afraid to ask for help, sugggest new features or leave your comment on BotFragg, we are always open to your feedback!

  • Notify developers when errors occur in BotFragg's use.

To report errors

  • DM the bot with proper screenshot or any other info.


  • Use the report command to directly inform developers

How to use me?




Shows your daily shop.


Shows your valorant balance.


Log in with your Riot account.


Logout your Riot account.


Shows your daily/weekly mission.


Set an alert for when a particular skin is in your store.


Shows all your skin alerts


Shows your nightmarket


Shows latency of the bot.


Shows some info about the bot.


Suggest something new related to the bot.


Report about a bug of the bot.


Gives some links of the bot.